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NETA 2012

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Open Source

Count It Out

Description The purpose of the app is to be a generic counting app that is useful for tracking the score of your baseball game (balls, strikes, outs, inning), the # of promo codes you have sent out for your latest and greatest iPhone app, or anything else you do in the day that requires keeping track of a running count or a countdown.

Count It Out is also open sourced. It is a great example app Core Data as well as some Settings UI controls that you don't get out of the box. Source available at:

Anti Map Log

Description AntiMap Log is a smart phone utility application for ‘recording’ your own data. Whether your out snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, driving, running, or whatever your into, AntiMap Log is a DIY solution for gathering real-time stats with your phone. The indexed data can then be used in conjunction with any of the free AntiMap post analysis applications (or your own creations) to visualize your every move.

The application uses the GPS and Compass sensors on your phone to extract and store the following data: latitude, longitude, compass direction, speed (kph), distance (kms), time (milliseconds), and finally an input field for optional points of interest.

The application is free and Open Source, with Processing (Android) and Openframeworks (iPhone) source code provided in hope that users can learn from and find interesting ways to visualise their data.


Recorded data is saved to a CSV file at 30 FPS with filenames matching the date & time they were created. Eg: ‘150811_1230_08.csv’, was created on the 15th August 2011, at 12:30pm and 8 seconds. For Android users, files can be retrieved from the ‘AntiMap’ folder on the SD card. For iPhone users, files can be retrieved from your device in iTunes/Apps/AntiMap Log Documents (just under the ‘File Sharing’ heading).

Approximately 10 minutes of record time equates to 1mb of data on your device. To keep things tidy, I recommend deleting the files from your device once you’ve copied them to your computer.

Sample row of data from a CSV file: “-39.245163, 175.561, 320, 2.7769525, 218904, Ruapehu trail”. These 6 values shape the foundation for all current and future AntiMap desktop/online applications.

Dozuki Guides

Description Dozuki is a new way to publish how-to manuals for repair, training, work instructions, or just about anything else.

How-to guides from Dozuki sites, including iFixit and Make Magazine.

Share your how-to guides in Dozuki! Sign up now at to add your instructions to this app.

Large graphics make it easy to learn how to do amazing things. Learning is as easy as swiping from step to step. Need more detail on a step? Zoom into images to see all the fine details.

Features √ Large, easy to read print and photos √ Touch to expand photos and graphics to full page √ Integrated parts and tool lists √ Cross-device syncing √ Offline storage for when you're really on the go √ Easy to use mobile manuals go where you need them √ Automatic updates so you'll always have the latest manual √ Automatic mobile publishing—publish your own guides from


Description Introducing PackLog for Backpack. The easiest way to update your Backpack status and add journal entries right from your iPhone or iPod touch!

Unwind at the end of the day and review everything that you and your fellow Backpackers got done.

Forgot to update your status to let everyone know you were headed to lunch? No big deal - just fire up PackLog as you're walking out of the elevator and update it on the fly.

Really, if you use Backpack's journal functionality at all, this application is for you.

Backpack®, and 37signals® are registered trademarks of 37signals, LLC. appremix is not affiliated with 37signals®.

NOTE: Retrieving your Backpack API token can be kind of tricky. For setup assistance, please visit our setup website at:


Description Sign+ is now free and open source.

Sign+ is the easier way to turn your iPad into a digital sign. Use it at sporting events, at the airport, or even in the classroom. It's never been easier to make your own signs. No markers or paper required.

•Built in Templates make it incredibly easy to display pre-made signs. •High Quality Sign Background give your signs a nice touch •Custom the message, font size, font color, and background image.

Sign+ requires an iPad running at least iOS 3.2. Please note that it will not run on an iPod Touch or iPhone.

For all support inquiries, please visit or email We are unable to reply to reviews, so please email us if you need any help or have questions.

Download the source code on GitHub:

Web tools to be installed on a server

Omeka - Museum, Library or gallery software.

Jobberbase - Simple Craigslist like software.

Resource Space - Digital Asset Management software. Collects all types of media in one space.


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