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October 4 – Foreclosure – The state of the foreclosure crisis in St. Louis—a brief look back at the last few years and the current state of our region. Preliminary research has been sent to Mizzou and production is moving forward.

October 11 – Arts - practice program that could be used later. We’ve moved this subject up by one week given that we have such strong connections in this area—we wanted to accelerate as the likelihood will be good that this will be a strong program. The framing will be the economic impact of the arts on our region. Thanks to Patrick for the contacts and aligning well with the upcoming debut of the Sunday Arts Show. This is timely also because of the recently release study from the Regional Arts Commission. NOTE: The intention is to air this program again on Nine World on November 1 as forward promotion for the Sunday Arts Show.

October 18 - Health – practice program that could be used later—This is an important program. I had a good conversation with Michele Miller from the Missouri Foundation for Health and we discussed a health related topic that is becoming very important to the Foundation—Food Security (which encompasses food deserts, access to healthy food and hunger). Given the need to grow this relationship, it is my suggestion that we do this program on 10/18 (as opposed to the proposed 10/11) to give us another week to perfect our process and be especially impressive for the Foundation—they have already forwarded great contacts on this topic. NOTE: We would repeat this program on 11/22 Thanksgiving night.

October 25 - Environment – we have a number of connections. This would be separate from the topic of sustainability. Dan and I are developing a number of contacts. We’ll need to work on the framing of this show—but it’s an excellent connection to important issues and people in our region

November 1 – Originally proposed: Education —but I suggest that we use the rebroadcast of our October 11 Arts show—as forward promotion for the new Sunday Arts Show. This is is the last program before we go to Nine PBS—and would give us a week off from live production to get everything right for our transition to Nine PBS.

November 8 - #101 – Impact of the Election – candidates and issues

November 15 - #102 – Health – issues related to children and following the Heroin Town Hall.

November 22 – Rebroadcast of 11/18 program on Health: Food Security

November 29 - Preempted for pledge – create a pledge program for Stay Tuned. This requires more thought and discussion. I have a few thoughts as to the topic of a pledge program but would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this as a group.

December 6 - Preempted for pledge – No program this evening. If our program on the 29th was successful there is an outside chance that we could repeat that program or something similar. For now, let’s plan that we will not be live or repeat a program on the 6th.

December 13 - #103 - Philanthropic giving of our community – there are a number of organizations that track the philanthropy of our region. I also wonder if this might not be a possibility to bring in national experts on the topic to provide some context as to how our region compares to other parts of the US.

December 20 - #104 – Arts – the holiday period should be a good time for a lighter topic and arts could be the topic. We need to address a specific area of the arts. Another look at the economic impact – as we look back over this past year on this near year-end program, what has been the real contribution of arts in our region?

December 27 - Low HUTS.  ???? Not sure if we are producing Donnybrook this evening. This would likely be another repeat program.

January 3 - # 105 - Sustainability – the comment period for the Mayor’s new plan ends on November 14th. We should also be able to access the many individuals that have been participating in this issue both from the Mayor’s plan and the regional sustainability. We will learn more of the regional plan when we meet with the two primary individuals working on this from East West Gateway. The East West plan will continue to be in development even though the City plan will be published.

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