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Research on Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

The basics and understanding of what Digital Storytelling means to a variety of organizations and individuals. For more ScooterLouWiki see Digital Storytelling.

Digital Storytelling Resources

After going through the data, I found repetition regarding particular names, websites, foundations, organizations and other experts in the Digital Storytelling field. For more ScooterLouWiki see Digital Storytelling Resources.

Digital Storytelling using Geo Tags

I quickly discovered that using Geo Tag information has been successfully used in several Digital Storytelling initiatives already. For more ScooterLouWiki see Digital Storytelling Geo Tag.

Open Source Video Platforms

Open Source is the key to successful Digital Storytelling projects, here I compiled a repository of those platforms. For more ScooterLouWiki see Open Source Video.

JayCut was one of the most popular Open Source online totally free video editing platforms. It was recently purchased by Nokia/RIM Technologies. For more ScooterLouWiki see JayCut.

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