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Here's the workshop's descriptions:

Writing and Recording a story

Are there stories about your favorite places or things to do in your neighborhood floating around waiting to be told? This workshop will get you thinking about the best way to write your story into a script, including aspects such as point, voice, audience, tension, imagery, and more. Also, you'll learn how to record your own audio narration of your story

Using Windows Movie Maker and Google My Maps

Once your script is done, how do you turn it into a digital story? First you need to find some images - we'll explore how to take still digital photos of objects to match with your personal narratives. We'll cover how to use Windows Movie Maker to import the photos and add narration, soundtrack, transitions and special effects to make your stories come alive! Then we'll learn how to post the movies online and connect them to a Google Map.

Final Challenge:

What are the fun stories of your favorite places and aspects of your neighborhood? Your ultimate goal is to create a youth survivor's guide to varied communities represented in your challenge team. Can you share them using only photos of objects? Using your new skills in both creative writing and digital multimedia, you're now challenged to tell your own favorite stories of places on the map of your community. These stories must come from your own experiences, in your own recorded voice. And you must only use original or uncopyrighted photographs of objects. Each member will create at least one (2 minutes long only) digital story and all the stories should be posted on one Google Map.

Creative Nations East Somerville Project

Creative Narrations is a cutting-edge social change consulting firm specializing in multimedia support and training for non-profit and educational institutions. Bringing together narrative, technology, and community building, we help you document the voices and images of change that you see every day.

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